About Us

Uniteco is an Italian based company with branches in a number of emerging markets in which it has a permanent and well established commercial presence. The knowledge of the emerging markets coupled with the direct presence has allowed Uniteco to build new foreign markets for the Italian companies which have chosen to partner with us or to delegate to us the development of their export department.
Our mission is to develop foreign markets and foreign sales for Italian companies and Italian products. Our over 30 years experience in emerging markets allows us to develop sales for our clients and to export and distribute their products. Our activity ranges from market analysis, promotional activity, partecipation to international tenders, letter of credit negotiation, direct export, logistics and international shipments, pdi up to after sales service. Uniteco follows the complete export process for its clients.


Uniteco is a family company which has now entered into the second generation.
Uniteco was established at the beginning of the eighties by Carlo Lazzarino, a previous senior manager of Iveco, which decided to create a company specialised in acting as sales department for medium sized Italian companies which desired to enter into new foreign markets. At the beginning of 2000, Marco Lazzarino started working in the company, reaching the position of General Manager after 5 years of experience on the field.
Marco Lazzarino continues developing the company by opening new markets and by creating new divisions, such a the Consulting and Building Automation Division.


Uniteco is organised into three seperate divisions, each of which is focused on a specific sector of activity. Two of our division are focused on international markets while the third is focused on the Italian market.
We welcome you to have an insight of each of our divisions: 

  • Consulting  
  • Import & Export
  • Building Automation



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Exporting Worldwide

We have been exporting our industrial products all over the world with a specific focus on emerging markets. We provide a full range of industrial product ranging from the sector of transport to the sector of construction and agriculture.

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Expand your business

Our clients use Uniteco's consultancy service to expand their business and entern new markets and new sectors of business. We have developed our skills in partecipating to international Tenders and working with Global agencies, such as the World Bank and the European Commission.

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Building Automation

Uniteco Energy is focused on the research, development and commercialization of emerging next-generation alternative and renewable energy technologies.

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